Semiconductor Materials

Cleaning and Polishing
    Waxstrip L2X
    Transene Ultrasonic Detergent (TUD)
    Lab Glass Cleaner LGC-300
    Transene Glass Cleaner- 409
    Transene Flux Remover/Degreaser TFR220-DG
    Ultrapure Water
    Gold/Silver Cleaner
    Tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH)

    Solid Diffusants
    N & P Diffusol

Thin Film and Semiconductor Etchants

Heat Sinks & Vacuum Oil
XTherm Heat Sink
XTherm AG Electrically Conductive Heat Sink
Tech Wax Mounting Wax

Junction Coatings
    SES Black
    Translastic S-2007
    Junction Coating Type I
    Junction Coatings 3811/3812

Photoresist Materials
TRANSIST Positive and Negative Photoresist Chemicals
    PKP II Photoresist
    NPD Negative Resist Developers
    Negative Resist Remover
    Negative Resist Chemicals
    Positive Resist Removers
    Photomask Coating
    Hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS)
    Positive Resist Developers

MIL Standard Solvents